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The best broadband

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from R575/mo

Daisy Fibre

Unlimited apps, lots of internet and the

best Fibre connection

Stream youtube and netflix, set up your home office, and make sure school projects are A+ with Daisy fibre or home broadband.

You’ll also get full installation and set-up and on-site technical support.

Find the solution that gets you.

Wireless or Fibre for your home or business?

From as little as R575 a month you could get a 10Mbps fibre and be connected with uncapped, unshaped, reliable, fast internet.

Home from

R 575.00

Monthly Package
  • Super Fast Internet
  • Uncapped & Unshaped
  • Free to use router
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Custom Monthly Packages available
  • Super Fast Internet
  • Uncapped & Unshaped
  • Free to use router
Packages Available

Get the connectivity

solution that suits you.

Uncapped. Unshaped. Unthrottled. Pure Fibre Broadband
Daisy Fibre

What clients say about us

Emilia Clarke
Celeste Esquino
Home Fibre Client
"An Internet Service Provider that puts the customer’s satisfaction first. I can log any issues with Daisy Mpumalanga and I receive immediate feedback and the problems are sorted instantly. Their internet is very stable and I rarely to never have issues with my connections. On the rare occasions that there are outages, I receive a sms instantly advising of the outage and another sms as soon as the outage has been resolved. Daisy Mpumalanga is also competitively priced and very affordable. I highly recommend Daisy Mpumalanga to everyone who asks. "
Emilia Clarke
Business Fibre Client
"Our company has been supporting Daisy Mpumalanga for years and the service we receive is something that a lot of providers can learn from. Daisy Mpumalanga has different departments that cater for the entire business’ needs, from telecoms to internet to office automation, making it a convenient one stop shop. Their service is of a high standards and logged calls are always attended to timeously. Technicians and offices staff are always very friendly and helpful."

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Daisy Fibre

Comprehensive Support

Daisy Fibre

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Daisy Fibre

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